Passing thoughts

One of the first thoughts that popped in to my head as I was in shul getting ready for mincha on Friday night, was that I had said nothing in my Five for Friday post about the three kidnapped and murdered Jewish kids, nor the kidnapped and murdered Arab kid. It was almost as if I had put those awful crimes out of my mind, perhaps because they were too tolerable to contemplate. But, in the few moments of quiet contemplation before prayers, that was almost all I could think about.

Those crimes are never going to go away, but in the media storm that has followed them, there seems to be an almost desperate rush to promote two opposing predictions. One is positive – about the binding together of the Jewish people in times of trouble – and the other is about a cycle of hate that will be hard to stop. I don’t believe either will turn out to be right, but would gladly accept the first if it beat my expectations.

Prediction of the future being as tricky as it always has been, I’ll just say whatever happens, I wish an end to the suffering.