No getting carried away by success

So far, so good with Operation Protective Edge. From a purely (unfair and selfish) perspective, I had a siren free night of sleep. The volume of missile fire was reduced, though there could be several explanations for that which are not directly down to Israeli military action.

David Horovitz – the Times of Israel head honcho – is a commentator and writer I very much admire. He writes well, and he makes sense. I don’t always agree with him, but I do always think he is being reasonable. (I wonder how his Hebrew is and if he would like to be Prime Minister?) His review of day two is online, and well worth reading. See it here. I offer just one extract – following – but I do encourage you to read the whole thing:

About that world-berated security blockade

Hamas has managed to smuggle in and home produce thousands of rockets, including hundreds that can reach the center of Israel and beyond. This, despite Israel’s internationally lambasted efforts to maintain a security blockade on the Gaza Strip. One shudders to think about what would be fired at Israel right now were it not for that security envelope. More accurate missiles, carrying heavier warheads. And doubtless too, we would be facing more sophisticated missile systems, capable of multiple launches and decoy fire, to challenge even the most effective, most tested missile shield the world has ever seen.

An international community ostensibly committed to keeping people alive might want to reflect on that. Even those in the international community who seem to care rather more about some lives than others. Without the blockade, Hamas would have killed many Israelis, and Israel would likely have resorted to still more desperate measures to try to keep its people safe, likely spelling more loss of life in Gaza.

In other words, thank Heaven we didn’t listen to all those people of the international community wanting the blockade lifted. As far as I am concerned, they are all guilty of being part of a group mind that cannot think straight and cares not one fig about the actual consequences of their shortsightedness.

Who started it?

And, on a related point, you may want to bookmark the Elder of Ziyon’s post about who started the fighting. I bet there are going to be a flood of people in the gutters of social media declaring that Israel started it. There you have the facts to cut them down with.