Men of war


This week’s session was a male only affair, focusing on Hansa Teutonica and Antike. Ben, David, Peleg, and Yehuda joined me for Hansa. Daniel arrived in good time to make for a six player Antike game.

Hansa began with Yehuda convincing us to try his House Rule. This meant we all started with three actions per turn (instead of two) and was intended to reduce the fighting for (and importance of) the actions bonus. Well, it sort of worked, because most of us stayed away from the bonus actions. Except Yehuda and Peleg. They had a kind of dance of death encounter, with Peleg doing not too badly at all.

David and Ben were, largely, doing their own thing in their part of the board, quietly acquiring victory points. I was doing much the same.

When the game ended, Yehuda had won. But it was a lot closer than previous outings, so his House Rule may be a long term addition. Still a fun game, though I think Ben has gone off it.

Then came Antike, and Ben had much more fun, ending up being the Kingmaker. More on that in a minute.

I shadowed Yehuda, replicating his actions and keeping in close contact. He and I progressed well, and quickly enough got up to four victory points. (Six are needed for the win in our games.)

Ben, David and Peleg, however, caught up with us far too quickly.

Daniel, lagging well behind, had been building up cash and iron. Late on in the game, he converted his resources to armies and fleets. He then, in one turn, blitzed across the board to also catch up.

When the smoke cleared, Daniel, David and Yehuda were poised for the win. Who would claim it?

Daniel just couldn’t do enough in his turn. David could, but Ben remained a block. But if Ben blocked David, Yehuda would win. So, Ben was Kingmaker and allowed David to claim the victory. Well done, David. Tough luck on the rest of us, regrettably.

Thanks to all who came.