Memory hole


Last week’s games session, kindly hosted by Yehuda, saw Nadine introduce Sheer and I to the joys of Agricola. This is a top ranked game with a great reputation. It’s also relatively complex – for a euro – and required a long, long, rules explanation by Nadine. She did an excellent job, though I still did not have a clue and was easily beaten. Sheer did a better job, and then bravely announced that he preferred Le Havre – another game by the same designer, with a similar reputation.

I had to confess, that the more we played Agricola, the more there was this faint recollection that I might have played it before… A subsequent online search confirmed that I had played it before. I can only assume the experience was so bad that I shut it out of my memory altogether. At the start,I truly could not remember playing it. The funny thing is, this time around I wasn’t so put off. I cannot say I rate it as highly as many gamers seem to, but that’s why there are so many games out there to choose from!

Thanks to Yehuda for hosting. If I can persuade him, he might send me some lines about the game he played with Ben and David.