In UNRWA schools they can count: 1, 2, 3…

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The Elder of Ziyon skewers Chris Gunness.

Gunness deserves it, and much more.

For example, see here for the background to this:

If UNRWA had a shred of integrity, it would fire Gunness for his obvious bias and hate towards Israel. However, an organization that is built on lies – to support a group or “refugees” who are 99% non-refugees – is not bothered at all.

As another example, see here for the background to this:

Chris Gunness from UNRWA responds with his usual hand waving, hoping that people don’t notice that he is not addressing the real issues. For example, while it is true that UNRWA might vet employees for known terror ties, this by no means proves that UNRWA schools are neutral and do not teach hate for Israel. I have proven that they, in fact, do, along with support for jihad and “martyrdom.”

As the Elder has long ago stated, it is time to abolish UNRWA.