In case of empire


This week Yehuda hosted Sheer and I playing a game I had never heard of: Inca Empire. Three or four players compete to spread their network of connections, garrisons, cities, and temples, so as to claim the most victory points.

A couple of things stand out about the mechanics.

First, if you build something like a city, you score VPs for the build and each scoring round. However, if an opponent connects to that city, he also scores every scoring round. So, Yehuda’s early strategy made sure he connected up to potential building areas and was able to pretty well ensure victory with that alone.

(Yehuda was the only one who had played this before, so Sheer and I were really up against it.)

Second, there is a deck of cards that gives bonuses and penalties to actions. However, they have to be played to affect two players. And the round of play must ensure all players receive the ‘benefit’ of the same number of cards. This is cool, but neither Sheer nor I mastered it well enough to stop Yehuda. Next time around I would hope to get more out of the cards as, again, unfamiliarity was a bit of a handicap.

Unsurprisingly, Yehuda crushed us. Sheer did a better job than me of offering some token opposition.

I’m not sure if I like this, but would probably try it again, just to see what other tactical possibilities open up now I better know how it works.

Thanks to Yehuda for hosting.