Changing perspective

And now, a change of direction.

Here’s a belter of a quote from Charles Christian’s latest Legal Technology newsletter:

New Law #Fail

Discussing his rapid rise and fall at an APAC law firm, the now-departed non-lawyer CEO said there had been 100% enthusiasm for the concept of change. Unfortunately this rapidly transformed into a 1000% opposition to implementing any change once the partners recognised the full implications and impact it would have on them.

Change? It’s fine – say the lawyers – as long as it doesn’t affect me…

No, you could not make it up. It appears my former profession is as bad as it ever was, at least in parts.

The newsletter is also worth reading for a sharp article about SharePoint’s capabilities as a Document Management System. I bet the Microsoft crew will not be happy about that. Especially as Charles has embellished the piece with a Monty Python reference. Enjoy!