Belated update


[This is a late update to this post about the week before last’s session. Thanks to Yehuda for doing this guest post.]

Ben, David, and I played Amyitis. This is a game themed about planting the gardens of Babylon, with some odd design choices in the pieces; for example, to plant a garden spot, you remove the brick tile uncovering the planted garden beneath it, rather than placing a garden tile on the spot. These kinds of things make the theme a bit obscured.

David was convinced early on that he wouldn’t like it. In the end he didn’t like it, but perhaps not as much as he initially feared. Ben had a more positive attitude, but he also was happy to see the game over I think. I still like it a lot. Of course, I won, so that may have helped.

The game has a kind of rondel, as well as some progression tracks that only the first few (in our case, two) players who get to it can progress on them. This is not a good mechanic; it’s ok if the last item can only be obtained by one person, but blocking off the entire track is just annoying and it closes off options.

Despite this, the rest of the game is fairly balanced, I think. The VP track didn’t score so well for Ben, but he neglected the other opportunities a bit too much. On the second to last turn, we were all within two points of each other. On the last turn I pulled ahead about 6 points, and remained that way after the final scoring.

We played a rule incorrectly, allowing the planting of the first level without an irrigation cube; thinking back, this may have worked to my advantage, since I started planting early (though the others could have done so as well). We also played with my house rule that allows you to take any action on your turn for a cost of three coins; it once again proved to be a great house rule and I can’t imagine playing the game without it anymore.

David and I played three games of Nefarious afterwards.