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Would you believe it:

UN Concerned Hamas Terror Tunnels Not Up To Safety Standards

Human Rights Council, Geneva, June 28

The United Nations Human Rights Council expressed misgivings today about the network of tunnels and underground bunkers constructed by Hamas in the Gaza Strip and elsewhere, noting that it is unlikely that the structures meet the requirements that would help guarantee the safety of the people using them.

The Council heard testimony from survivors of a tunnel collapse two weeks ago in which five people were killed, and both the scale of destruction and the depth of the passage made rescue and salvage attempts difficult. In a statement that the Council approved following the testimony, the body urged Hamas to adhere to stricter standards, and chided Israel for putting up barriers that make the construction of the tunnels a necessary measure to avoid detection in executing attacks on Israel.

Before your blood pressure boils over, be aware that this is a spoof. It’s from the rather amusing humor site PreOccupied Territory. What makes this (and other of the site’s posts) so funny, is how close they are to the attitude of much of the Israel hating crowd. You can just see the former rapporteur Richard Falk, saying that the danger in the terror tunnels is all Israel’s fault!

It’s a site well worth bookmarking and following.