Twilight fizzle

I had a session with Ofer this week, playing Twilight Struggle (TS) and Battleline.

We had both played TS before, but needed a wee rules refresh. Ofer took the USSR, and I took the USA. As usual, the USSR stormed into a big lead. (I had an amazing ability to draw only USSR events. Not good.)

I managed to stave off defeat – just – and we kept playing.

However, at Ofer’s suggestion we called it about half way through, as he was not enjoying the game. It did not connect. He did not feel involved. Even when he was almost winning, there was no edge or excitement or interest. So, it did not work for him.

TS is not one of my favorite games, and I do think it is overrated. I don’t feel as negative about it as Ofer, but I can well understand his view. Different people like different games. And, I suppose, different people dislike different games.

Surprisingly it was Ofer’s first attempt at Battleline, but he quickly picked it up. Unfortunately for him, by then I had got into a strong winning position. Never mind. I suspect he will get his revenge soon enough.