Some of their best friends are Jewish

On a day to day basis, while anti-Jewish incitement is a regular state inspired occurrence in the Arab world, it is still working away in the background of much of the Western media – directly or indirectly.

One fine example of this, directly, is the Guardian. (The BBC is not far behind.)

If there is an anti-Israel story, they’ve got it with knobs on and suitable prominence.

If there is a neutral to Israel story, you will only see it there with the most anti-Israel spin available.

If there is a pro-Israel story, it’s either buried, or bracketed with opinion pieces from Israel haters.

And if there is no Israel story or news, there’s typically an anti-Israel CIF piece offered to the circus that constitutes the Guardian’s online fan club.

Without exception – but do tell me if you spot one – the anti-Israel pieces encourage antisemitism. If they don’t do it above the line, those allowing comments are fertile breeding ground for bigots.

By way of a sample, take a look at the two most recent articles by CIF Watch in their Focus below the line series, here, and here.

I’ve posted a sample here. These are below the line comments which remain. In other words, directly or indirectly, this hate speech is condoned by the Guardian.


Perhaps the next time there’s an initiative to stop incitement in the Arab media, we could invite the Guardian people along to the meeting. There’s so much they could learn…

Meantime, we should thank people like CIF Watch who shine a light into the darkest pits.