Praying for a safe return

The one certainty amid the hunt for the three teenagers who disappeared from a hitchhiking post near Hebron, is that we do not know all the facts. Every expert offering opinion and analysis about the hunt and the possible outcomes is, no doubt for perfectly good reasons, behaving like a circus fortune teller trying to read the signs from an incomplete deck of tarot cards. Sadly, any hope they offer is false hope. We just don’t know. They just don’t know.

In reality, we have no choice but to pray for the safe return of these kids, and leave the task at hand to the security forces. We wish that they effect a speedy and successful conclusion to their efforts.

Afterwards, hopefully from the perspective of a positive outcome, we can look back with the benefit of hindsight, learn the lessons, and act on them.

I am praying for the safe return of:

Naftali Frankel

Gilad Shaar

Eyal Yifrach

Please have them in your prayers.