Palestinian society has a problem

And that problem is not Israel.

That problem is itself.

The latest example of – to put it politely – that society’s bigotry, hatred, and immaturity – is in this Elder of Ziyon post:

The only publicly moderate Palestinian Arab resigns from his teaching job

The story is about Mohammed Dajani, “who visited Auschwitz with some of his students to withering criticism from his fellow Palestinian Arabs.” Because of that, he has lost his job.

Read that last sentence again. He lost his job because he went to Auschwitz with his students.

Look at this extract:

In May, Dajani met with Prof Sari Nusseibeh, the outgoing university president, and Dr Imad Abu Kishek, the incoming president, who assured him privately that they were committed to academic freedom at Al-Quds, that he had broken no university rules in taking his students to Auschwitz and that none of the university’s leadership supported the campaign to oust him from the university. Dajani says he decided to test their resolve by submitting his resignation so they could reject it and give him their public backing – but they didn’t come through.

In other words, his university colleagues did him in. They either condemned him behind his back, or lied to his face.

If you spot any Palestinian protests at the man’s treatment, let me know. Moderation? Forget it.

Palestinian society has a problem.