Is this the most boring inflight movie ever?

I confess to checking the calendar after reading this story from CNN:

A new standard may about to be set for the most boring in-flight movie ever — and it doesn’t even star Keanu Reeves.

Passengers flying British Airways will soon be able to zone out to a film that shows every inch of a slow-speed train journey to the Norwegian capital.

The airline says the film, “The Seven Hour Train Journey to Oslo,” will appeal to people who enjoy “wallpaper” viewing experiences like the barely moving maps that chart flight progress.

Hmm. Boring. British Airways. Do I sense a meaningful connection?

The airline will start screening the feature in July alongside its usual schedule of classics, blockbusters and those lame romantic comedies that shouldn’t make passengers bawl their eyes out, but inevitably do.

The film features no commentary to liven up the proceedings, but highlights are said to include going into tunnels and some children waving from a station. (CNN cannot independently confirm this, it doesn’t have a spare seven hours to kill.)

Neither do I.

This part is astonishing:

Though undeniably tedious, the train ride film could prove an unexpected hit — as it did when it first screened to more than one million viewers on Norway’s NRK state television.

So-called “slow TV” has attracted a cult audience in Scandinavia, with other classics including a burning fireplace and a game of chess.

I can see a new classic if they bother to film the next set of peace talks…

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