Approved by the Motors was the second album from The Motors, released in 1978. Naive fool that I was, I bought this on the back of the single release – Airport – and because I had liked an earlier song, Dancing the Night Away. I cannot say it’s one of my favorite albums, but several of the tracks rank highly for me.

For example, apart from Airport, Sensation, and Today are two good pieces of music at polar opposites of the guitar band spectrum.

And how could anybody resist a rock musician called Bram Tchaikovsky?


If you are looking for some hidden treasures, I recommend you have a look at all the albums by The Motors. Apart from the tracks mentioned above, be sure to listen to Love and Loneliness and Tenement Steps from the Tenement Steps album. Both are excellent.

These guys had talent, they created some fine music, and I’m only sorry there is not more of it.

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