Back to the Golan


I introduced Roy to the joys of Frank Chadwick’s Days of Battle: Golan Heights, from Victory Point Games. (For an overview of the system, see here.)

Roy played the part of the Syrians, and I was the Israelis. The Syrians blew away the initial defense, but then ran into something of a blue brick wall.  Looking back on it, it was close to a perfect storm in the sense of everything going right for the Israelis and everything going wrong for the Syrians.

For example, the card events were great for me: I quickly snagged an early reinforcement, and an enforced rest for the Syrians. As another example, Roy’s die rolling was woeful, every time it counted. On the other hand, mine was great.

The other aspect was that I had played the game before. Therefore, I was more able to master the tricky play sequence, and get much more out of my double turns than Roy could. And the troublesome Israeli strongpoint zones of control caused him some grief.

Regrettably, for Roy, as the game went on the Israelis were getting stronger and were able to claw back all of their strategic terrain losses, except for Mount Hermon. And that was next. Although Roy might have squeezed out a draw, we called it with a couple of turns to go.

Despite the defeat, Roy was quite taken with it and we may well play it again. However, he may want revenge first by playing something he knows and I don’t… The hunt is on.

Memo to Victory Point Games

Roy gets credit for this: the backs of the Syrian cards are printed with the Egyptian flag. And the Arabic script on those cards spells out Syria – backwards.