ASL in Israel

[This guest post is by Ran.]

No gamers were hurt in the making of this picture

No gamers were hurt in the making of this picture

During last weekend, Israel had the first ASL event in its history. For the very first time 5 gamers gathered in a guesthouse in Tel Aviv, and played ASL for 3 whole days.

Attending the event were Daniel and Josh, brothers and veteran ASL players from Rehovot, Ellis fron Ra’anana, a veteran wargamer but a newbie ASLer who was a guest for a day, Jon from Canada, a born again ASL player, and myself, a veteran ASLer from Jerusalem.

The scenarios played reflected the wide scope of ASL, including a jungle battle between British Ghurkas and Japanese, an early war pre Dunkirk battle between British and German forces in Belgium, a battle for the railway station in central Stalingrad, late war battles involving heavy armor, lend-lease Sherman tanks and more.

From early morning on Thursday until Saturday night, boards were laid, counters moved, and dice rolled for 18 hours a day, barely leaving time to sleep. The atmosphere was friendly, the games were intense and exiting, and the friendly beer and snack breaks refreshing.

We see this event as a successful pilot for future events, and we hope to recreate it with more participants, both veteran and newbies.

Final records (W-L):

Ellis 1-0
Josh 2-3
Daniel 2-3
Jonny 2-3
Ran 3-1

[My session report is here. A big thank you to all the guys for making this event possible.]