3 Days to Kill

Kevin Costner plods his way through this twin themed film; one is the all action hunt by the CIA – led by Costner – to find and kill a master baddie known as the Wolf. The other theme is the previously absent husband and father – Costner, again – trying to reconnect with his wife and daughter. The complication that also links the two themes is that Costner has terminal cancer. But, would you believe it, those awfully decent people at the CIA happen to have this experimental wonder drug that will absolutely, positively, work. All Kevin has to do is keep on working, and killing, for his lords and masters.

The action and spy stuff is woeful rubbish. It makes RED and RED 2 look like things of beauty and wonder.

The human relationship stuff is, in places, quite good. But it’s patchy, and cannot rescue the film.

The acting is passable, but it’s wafer thin cardboard characterization.

The plot is instantly forgotten.

Avoid at all costs.