Storming into Stalingrad


Roy and I returned to the battlefields of Stalingrad with MMP’s Storm over Stalingrad, this time both of us getting the rules right…

I was the Soviets and Roy the Germans.

The game started with the usual German offensive all around the city perimeter. My forces were doing reasonably well in the North, but threatened by hordes of SS in the South.

I adjusted the perimeter to try and stiffen the defense, but in doing so I gave up ground too quickly. Roy took good advantage of this and, slowly but surely, secured his victory point target with one turn to spare.

The game had featured a couple of glorious escapes by the Soviet defenders, with Roy rolling snake-eyes just when he did not want to. But despite that, he did not lose focus and deserved the win. Looking back, I also think I wasn’t aggressive enough in the early turns, and this allowed Roy time to get his own attacks lined up. I did bloody the noses of the SS lead forces, but failed to follow up my own success.

Both of us had reasonable luck with the cards – a great addition to the bare bones impulse system – to help in our quest for glory.

This is a tricky game to play well. It is absorbing, and a challenge I suspect we will try again.