Sheer gaming success

Here be no dragons!

Here be no dragons!

A quiet but intensive session this week, with Sheer and Yehuda joining me.

We started with Lords of Waterdeep, a Dungeons and Dragons themed game with a worker placement core mechanism and one or two interesting tweaks. I was keen to play this again because Yehuda had discovered we had been playing it incorrectly. We were both curious what the impact would be of, er, using the rules correctly. Sheer was new to this and Yehuda did his great job of explaining the rules.

In essence, you use your workers to generate resources. And you use your resources to complete missions. Missions bring you victory points. I think it was in the first or second round (out of eight) that Yehuda successfully completed a 20 point mission (aka “Quest”) and no matter what I did, I could not quite catch up. In that respect, the game has some luck – the availability of the missions of the right type – but that’s not to take away from Yehuda’s win, as he played well to keep just enough ahead of us.

Sheer, for his part, was doing badly, then better, then brilliantly. He didn’t quite catch up, but it was a damn fine performance. (That’s the last time any of us take pity on him!)


The game does have mandatory missions which can throw a spoke in your plans. Neither Yehuda nor I are convinced they are necessary. In our game, only Yehuda was on the receiving end, and it did not prevent him winning.

Playing with the rules correctly meant the scores were much higher – previously we had incorrectly only allowed one mission completion per round – and that was probably a good thing. It encourages gamers to score points!

After that we switched to Dominion.

In short, Sheer crucified us both – primarily playing a succession of Militia cards – and ran out an easy winner.

Yehuda went home at that point, and left me to try again. While I did postpone the agony, Sheer did win again, completing a good night for him. A very good night.

Thanks for coming guys. Great fun.