Mucking about on the keyboards


Crisis? What Crisis? was the fourth Supertramp album, released in 1975. What drew me to buying this?

I was an irregular viewer of the Old Grey Whistle Test. Sometimes the bands that were on seemed to be just making a noise. But by chance I caught Supertramp performing Dreamer, and that nifty piece of music stuck in my mind. When I saw this album was by the same band, I was hooked.

Musically, it’s quite different from Dreamer and it is interesting to read up on the band’s view that the album was a dud. (See here.) Some – like Rolling Stone magazine – agreed with that view and slated it. But it must have done reasonably well, given that it was released. Of course, in true contrary style, it’s one of my favorites.


The stand out track (for me) is Another Man’s Woman with a bravura keyboard performance that goes on and on and on, but is just not long enough. Somewhere, sometime – I do not know where, when, or how  – this was described as the band indulging Rick Davies who was ‘just mucking about on the keyboards.’  Listen to that track. It’s quite something.

Other personal favorites here include Easy Does It, Sister Moonshine, and Poor Boy.

I don’t know what the band were doing when they dismissed the album so easily. Were they being overly modest? Playing a prank? Their creative juices were still flowing well, because I think there’s another (later) Supertramp album in my collection.  And as good as this is…

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