More than puddles

Following my earlier post, the update from Jerusalem Post:

After a heat wave and a warm Ind[e]pendence Day, heavy rain and cooler temperatures brought the country to a standstill on Thursday morning.

Several road closures due to flash flooding plagued the south and east of the country, while there was heavy traffic in nearly all parts of the country.

Seventy tourists were trapped by flooding in the Arava, and a rescue mission was underway.

The wintery weather began Wednesday night with thunderstorms and was expected to continue into Thursday afternoon.

Route 90 from Ein Bokek in the direction of Ein Gedi was closed due to the weather, as were schools in the Tamar local council near the Dead Sea, according to Israel Radio.

Army Radio reported that the largest amounts of rain were recorded around the southern plains and southern Judean hills with 60-70 mm. of rain. In the northern Negev 45 mm. of rain fell, and the Dead Sea and Jerusalem received around 40 mm. of rain.

There was heavy traffic in Tel Aviv on the Namir and Begin roads on Thursday morning due to traffic lights that have stopped working, police said.

Police were directing traffic in the area. Several drivers reported rides of over an hour to get across the city.

Why are the traffic lights here so prone to stopping working when it rains? Did we not buy the all weather version?

Let’s be careful out there, fellow citizens. Please.