Laughing at antisemitism

Earlier this week, the ADL released the results of their global survey about antisemitism. The leading ‘hook’ was that one quarter of people surveyed had antisemitic attitudes.

It’s all a bit depressing, regardless of whatever criticisms may be made about the details of the survey and its conclusions. (For example, see here, and here.)

Most objective observers will not be surprised by the thrust of the conclusions. In particular,¬†as the Elder of Ziyon notes, one of them is that the Arabs are top when it comes to hating the Jews. This reinforces the validity of the query I have made before: when is the Western World, led by Obama or anyone else, going to grasp the significance of antisemitism and incitement, and do something about it? Wouldn’t that be a real concrete step towards peace?

So, it’s great to be able to offer this link to the Dry Bones¬†response which injects some sardonic humor into the arena. It’s good to laugh.