This has been waiting a long time for an outing. After yomtov lunch, Peleg and I took it for a quick spin, managing to get in one game of the basic level.

You have a deck of cards representing your faction. Each card has a pattern. If you match the pattern with your playing pieces, that summons a creature – that may destroy something on the board. If you summon, you get bonus actions. So, careful planning is required to get the best out of your troops, and the enemy is there to get in your way. There are frills, but that is the heart of it. And it is fast. Easily under an hour.

Afterwards I checked the rules – two sides of A4! – and saw we got stuff wrong, but nothing too bad. But despite the rules simplicity, it is very rich in strategy and tactics and that little taster has left me keen to get back to it soon.