On Sunday the Rabbi wrote science fiction

This just in from the Times of Israel:

Prague rabbi authors sci-fi bestseller

Karol Efraim Sidon, chief rabbi of the Czech Republic, tried to keep his authorship of popular novel a secret

Chaim Cigan is one of the hottest new authors on the Czech popular literature scene.

He’s the author of the novel “Altschulova Metoda,” or Atschul’s Method, the first of four books in a science fiction series “mixing politics, prison cells and the secret police with the Middle Ages, Moses and Jewish history – a science fiction thriller told across continents and epochs,” according to Radio Praha.

Speculation grew around the identity of Cigan, a supposed émigré to Canada, once the book entered the bestseller charts in recent weeks. But the hidden identity of the Czech Republic’s popular new science fiction writer didn’t last long.

Cigan is none other than Rabbi Karol Efraim Sidon, the chief rabbi of Prague and the Czech Republic, who is also a playwright and screenwriter.

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