Not so serious endeavor


This week’s session, hosted by Laurie, featured a preliminary story telling by Peleg as he patiently awaited Rochelle, Yehuda and me. The fab five then went on a journey, playing Endeavor, a game that was new to us all except Yehuda. He did his usual good job about the rules explanation, and then we were off.

Endeavor is a worker placement game, the theme being exploration. It’s played in seven rounds, each consisting (essentially) of a building phase and an actions phase. You get actions from buildings, tiles that you discover or settle on the game board, and cards available in each of the various areas. These items are also sources of increases to your abilities – like having more “men” available, or being able to build bigger and better buildings, and so on. I was impressed at how well it all seemed to gel to give a smooth, but challenging game experience.

As is often the case, the trick is to balance your many, many choices from the limited actions you have available. This is definitely a lot easier if you have played it before, so there was no serious threat to Yehuda being the eventual winner. However, Peleg was not that far away. And considering he had been on the receiving end of Laurie and Yehuda’s more aggressive moves, that was a damn fine achievement.

Laurie, Rochelle, and I managed OK , but would certainly expect to do better next time.

A game I would definitely like to try again. It’s not too long, is not too complex, and it looks as if there are several potential winning strategies. Good stuff.