This week’s gaming session saw David, Laurie, and Yehuda join me for Power Grid and R-Eco.


For a change, we played Power Grid on the Italy map. After a surprisingly extended discussion about which of the areas on the board to use, we finally decided on the north, and set about the task of building up our grids.

Incidentally, David had not played this before, but Yehuda’s usual, excellent rules presentation got him off to a decent start, and he soon cottoned on.

There is one luck factor in the game: the availability of power plants. Yehuda has a house rule that tempers this somewhat by disclosing the next power grid in the queue. It’s a good rule, but we went without it. Probably the house rule favors the more experienced players, so it helped David not to use it.

Indeed, although Yehuda was doing well, both David and Laurie had built excellent power grids.

In the end, because I could see the game was slipping away from me, I became the kingmaker by triggering the game end when I could not possibly win. That took the victory away from Yehuda and gave it to Laurie, just ahead of David. I gave myself a moral victory having managed – for the first time in a long, long, time – to build a network of 17 cities. OK, so I could only power 7…

After that, a shot of the excellent filler R-Eco which Yehuda used to get back to his winning ways.

Thanks to everyone who made it a good night.