Hey, let’s be careful out there

Source: Wikimedia

Source: Wikimedia

From CNN:

“Sopranos” fan? “Breaking Bad” binge-watcher? “Mad Men” admirer?

Take a moment to thank “Hill Street Blues.”

“There is no ‘Sopranos’ without ‘Hill Street Blues,’ ” says Syracuse University pop culture professor Robert Thompson, who wrote a book tracing “Hill Street’s” influence. “Matt Weiner (‘Mad Men’) and Vince Gilligan (‘Breaking Bad’) and David Chase (‘The Sopranos’) and all these people ought to wake up every morning and send a note to ‘Hill Street Blues.’ “

A bit provocative. Is it true, though? Well, you can read the full story – full of rose tinted reminiscing – here, and judge for yourself. There is a half decent picture gallery showing some of the actors in a then and now format. I prefer then…

I enjoyed the show and have fond memories about it and its cast. It was, to my mind, good. But that good? I’m not sure it matters, but then again, if I were in the industry, maybe it would be important.

It’s like the situation with intellectual property theft: people are happy to rip off music, films and TV without paying, unless it happens to be their band, their son’s film, or their daughter’s TV show, and so on. Suddenly the perspective is very different. (And in my view, the proper one. theft is theft.)

Oh, by the way; the complete series is available on DVD as from today. Bet that surprises you!