Glasgow sound

If you know what this picture is, you really know Glasgow. (Or, rather, really knew old Glasgow.)


I often drove past the building – the remains of the building – that hosted this pillar and phone number. But it’s not my photograph of the real thing; it’s from an album cover. One of the best albums ever made by a Scottish band, recorded in Edinburgh and manufactured and distributed by a Glasgow company. Is that enough by way of clues for you?

Here’s the next vinyl wonder that has been on my reinstated record player:


It’s the Blue Nile’s first LP, A Walk Across The Rooftops from 1984. I’d forgotten how haunting that record was, but playing it again has recharged my interest in that mercurial band.

A couple of pointers. First, the record company was Glasgow’s own Linn Records, part of the Linn Products stable. And, second, thanks to the wonders of the web, I can confirm the building featured was on Cathcart Road in Glasgow. It was…

“…the Hermon Baptist Church, a single-storey pent-roofed structure built on to the end of a block of tenement houses. At some point the tenements were demolished and the church stood in isolation for some years until it was destroyed by fire in 2001, and subsequently demolished.”

Here’s a link to an earlier picture of the site.

So this album brings me a double dose of nostalgia: Glasgow and music!

I am really enjoying going through my record collection, slowly and surely. One LP at a time. After all, if I spend too much time looking through rose tinted spectacles, it won’t be good for me!