Endeavoring to do my best

This week’s gaming session, which I hosted, saw newcomer Sheer join up with Peleg, Rochelle, Yehuda, and me.

We started with Endeavor. All of us, apart from poor Sheer, had played this before, but Yehuda did his usual rapid rules instruction, and we were off and running.

As before, the first few turns flew past, but things slowed up for the later turns as we all had built up a decent bank of actions and options. Yehuda tried out a new strategy (for him) and was keeping well out of the way of Peleg and Rochelle who were not slow in using military might to get their way. Sheer was trying to get to grips with the game, and doing a fine job. I was trying to make efficient moves and was reasonably happy with my progress.

At the end, Yehuda and I were competing for the win. I just sneaked it. Hooray! Everyone else was not that far behind.

After that, Yehuda and Peleg retired to get some beauty sleep, while Rochelle, Sheer, and I played Dominion.


Again, Sheer needed a wee rules instruction. I managed to do this reasonably well. (Sometimes during the game, I thought I had done it too well.) In the end, I won because I stuck to my own advice of grabbing money in preference to combinations of action cards. Sheer had gone for it the other way round. And Rochelle had stalled a wee bit fighting off Sheer’s damn militia.

A great night. Thanks to all who came.