Education as a tool of oppression

And by oppression, I mean oppression of the Palestinian people by the Palestinian leadership.

Try this for size:

“I was born in Jerusalem in an Arab culture that, to put it mildly, ignores the Holocaust and avoids discussing it. As a young girl, I had to overcome social and educational restrictions to learn more about these closed chapters of history. Not only were books on the subject unavailable, but we were told that our responsibility as Palestinians was to memorize only what teachers told us, so as to reinforce our collective memory of loss and grievance and support our national identity and quest for a homeland.

However degrading and unfair our situation in Palestine is today—and yes, it is degrading and unfair—it pales in comparison to the dehumanizing evil perpetrated by the Nazis.

So people were educated in a narrow focus to support their national identity. Memorize only what teachers teach. Do not ask questions. No books. It’s like 1984 without the liberty…

The quote, not so incidentally, comes from a participant in a Palestinian trip to Poland and the camps in March of this year. Read it all, here, and weep for those poor people. Cursed they are. Cursed by their leaders, and the international community – calling Catherine Ashton – that tolerates, excuses and ignores, Holocaust denial, threats of terrorist activity, and Jew hatred.

Read it and weep for what these people could be, were they to have peace.