Different language


Gamers talk a different language from non-gamers. That was front and center stage this week, as I ran a games and lunch session for colleagues at work. All non gamers, the situation slowly sank into my consciousness as I made my way through the 7 Wonders rules explanation. The reaction to the rules, the questions being asked, and the areas of contention were all different from those occasions that I have run through the rules with gamers – even casual gamers. It was fascinating.

It’s not that the questions were daft or misplaced, simply that they were unusual and approaching the challenge of playing a game from a completely different perspective to the one I am more used to. And to avoid using too much of the language of the gamer meant that I had to be much more careful in the explanation.

The good news is that, after a slow start, we did get up and running and playing, and people seemed to have a good time. So much so, that I have been asked to repeat the exercise, but with the same game. Everyone recognizes how much better they understand the game and the concepts after playing it. (Funny, that!)