Police – Jo Nesbo

In the latest outing for one of my favorite defective detectives, Harry Hole, he is slow to make an appearance, with a good chunk of the first half of the book taken up with other characters and setting of the scene. It’s a credit to Nesbo’s talent that he manages to create such an enthralling tale – all the while having some fun at our expense with some misdirection – and develop the plot so strongly before his best character turns up. But I should not be surprised, as this author’s output has been consistent in its high quality. So, to begin with, this a wonderful read.

We are, as usual, in Oslo. Harry is off the force, working as a lecturer at a police college. (There is a cracking sub plot with a student who is infatuated with him.) Meanwhile, the Chief of Police is in a political fight for his life, because there’s a killer out there targeting policemen. Harry’s old colleagues are struggling without him, and you can guess what results.

Saying more might gave away too much of the plot, and that would spoil a good part of the novelist’s craft. There are several plot threads going all over the place, and Nesbo weaves them superbly. It really is a joy to read. Another page turner which ends with the sinking sensation when you finish reading it and realize there is no more.