Counter magazine

The latest issue of Counter magazine (issue 64) arrived this week, and what joy it brings. What is it?

“Counter magazine is a quarterly print magazine devoted to board and card games. Each issue contains dozens of reviews, articles and commentary from gaming enthusiasts from around the world.”

For example, this issue has nineteen meaty reviews of games (including Coal Baron, Fuba, Global Mogul, Siberia, and a Study in Emerald) and a set of mini-reviews.  It also includes some interesting top 5 lists, and a decent spread of gaming articles.

I have found the reviews to largely match my own experiences, so I often use Counter as a buying guide. That alone makes it worthwhile. And there are quite a few of the hobby’s prominent designers and players who grace its pages.

Counter does not compete with websites; it supplements them. Arguably, you get a better class of writing and depth of knowledge in the Counter material than in most online sites. You often have to trawl through crappy comments online. Here, you get decent writing, decent editing, and the pleasure of knowing you can read it without being connected to the wired world!

You can see more at the Counter website.