Chance to be a real martyr

A lovely bit of commentary from Harry’s Place:

BDSers: here’s your chance for martyrdom

Speaking today to the Knesset in Jerusalem, Prime Minister Cameron denounced the anti-Israel BDS movement and noted:

“[Israeli technology] is providing Britain’s National Health Service with one in six of its prescription medicines through Teva and it has produced the world’s first commercially available upright walking technology which enabled a British paraplegic woman to walk the 2012 London Marathon. And together British and Israeli technical expertise can achieve so much more.”

One in six prescriptions? BDSers: those are dangerously high odds that an Israeli-made drug may cure you. I expect you to demand to know which of your medications are of Zionist origin, and to refuse treatment with such drugs for yourselves and your family members. If you or they suffer and die as a result, just consider yourselves martyrs for the anti-Zionist cause.