Board adventures

Eilat, Laurie, Roy, and Yehuda joined Susan and me for this week’s regular gaming session during which we managed ┬áto complete games of 7 Wonders and Puerto Rico.

First up: 7 Wonders. Everyone had played this before, though it had been a while for Eilat and Roy. It was quite a tight game, primarily because Laurie sacrificed her own position when she saw Yehuda threatening to stream ahead. That allowed me to match Yehuda’s score for a rare – in this game – tie. The rest were just a little bit behind.

Susan dropped out to catch up on some essential TV viewing, leaving five of us to tackle Yehuda’s favorite game: Peurto Rico. Again, everyone was familiar with the game, so we had no excuses for losing. Yehuda proceeded to pound us into the ground with a masterly display of skill at the game. He finished so far ahead, it would have taken two of us to add our scores together to match his. What’s heartening to me is that this is a game that I have had little or no success playing, but still enjoy. It’s just got something that makes it a pleasure. Even when being slaughtered.

A good night. Thanks to everyone who came along.