Back to the games


It was great to get back to regular gaming, even if my play suggested I was still (mentally, if not physically) on the other side of the world. David, Peleg, Rochelle, and Yehuda were the nice people welcoming me back. (Thanks!)

First up was the increasingly popular Hansa Teutonica. Yehuda did a refresher of the rules – Peleg was the only first timer – and off we went.

Yehuda streaked ahead, being first to build up the number of actions. He supplemented this by grabbing most of the bonus chits.

I established a decent city bonus that paid up as people built up their actions, but was not otherwise successful.

First timer Peleg, slowly but surely, built up a nice network of cities. He picked the game up quickly, so will be getting no hints, help, or mercy next time around!

Rochelle played the role of spoiler too often. She blocked a lot of routes, and did well in getting her forces on to the table. Unfortunately, she was not able to convert that into points quickly enough.

David was still trying to find his way towards a winning approach here, and probably tried to do too many things. A bit more sharpening of the focus is all he needs.

The turning point in the game was when Yehuda used a bonus chit to bump poor Rochelle’s pieces of a ┬ároute that would have claimed the +4 action bonus chit. He then took it, and kept up the pressure by using the actions to immediately snaffle another bonus chit and lost of points. Ruthless.

The rest of us could not keep pace. Well played, Yehuda.

We finished off with a game of R-Eco, with the two card sharks – Rochelle and David – getting their revenge. Peleg, Yehuda and I were down at the bottom of the heap, and Rochelle beat out David for the win.

It’s great to be back!