You’ll believe a drone can swim

Source: Globes (

Source: Globes (

From Ynet:

Made in Israel: The new Katana combat vessel

The Katana, named for a samurai sword, will be used to protect oil rigs, ship interception, port security. IAI highlights the craft’s reliability, with “no chance of a mishap stopping a mission”

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) unveiled Tuesday its new unmanned vessel, the Katana, designed for routine security missions near the shore and at sea. “We named it after the Japanese samurai sword, because we wanted to emphasize the system’s speed, reliability and lethality,” the IAI said.

The Katana can be operated both as a standard autonomously-operated combat vessel, and as a craft activated from a distance from a control station with an advanced system. The craft is able to deliver a real-time view by detecting, identifying and classifying both near and far targets, and can intercept them if needed.

Yes, it’s a drone that swims!

To me it looks like one of those radio controlled boats that used to majestically make their way across the pond at Queen’s Park, Glasgow, all those years ago.  (But I guess the Katana won’t have to compete with swans for space on the water!)

See the video of the Katana, IAI’s new unmanned vessel, in action, here.