When is work, work?

From Guy Fawkes’ blog:

Leaked Tory Memo Tells MPs to Dodge Minimum Wage Laws

MPs Told “Don’t Mention Work” in Adverts to Bend Rules

A leaked internal Tory memo advises MPs on how to get away with exploiting their unpaid interns without breaking the very same minimum wage laws those MPs insist other employers adhere to. Unpaid intern campaign website Graduate Fog has got hold of the memo which urges MPs to seek out loopholes in their own legislation:

Swap the phrase “You will be expected to…” for “The kind of activities it would be great to get some help with include…”

– Don’t mention ”work”, “worker”, “tasks” or “hours” – but instead ask applicants to offer their “help” with “campaigning administration”

– Instead, use the words “volunteer” and “volunteering”

– Take care only to reimburse expenses for actual bought items, as opposed to a flat rate per week. This is because “regular payments of expenses are likely to give the volunteer the right to the minimum wage” and create a “risk” that they will be “classed as a worker” and therefore must be paid.

So the Tories tell employers that they must pay employees doing work the minimum wage, yet advise their own MPs on how to dodge the rules. Which has to win the hypocrisy of the day award…

I am not sure if I agree with this part:

Which has to win the hypocrisy of the day award…

I think it’s a contender for hypocrite of the week, at least.

It’s no wonder people have a low opinion of politicians. Where are the standards? Where are the people with real principles? When was somebody going to stand up and say: This is wrong. This is not right. This is immoral, exploitative, and damaging.

I don’t care if what is proposed is legal. Apart from the fact that sometimes the law really is an ass, the total lack of compassion towards other people is an indelible mark of unsuitability for any public office. (And many private ones as well.)