What’s it really like in the law?

I keep on eye on developments in my old professional hunting ground, the UK law scene. One site I regularly visit is Roll On Friday. It’s independent, irreverent, and entertaining. Perhaps its major contribution is its Firm of the Year survey, a surefire antidote to the PR view of how good things are, created by the simple approach of asking the staff what their place of employment is really like.

As well as scoring each firm, the survey allows comments. For example:

“If a turd walked into the firm, he/she/it would be a valuable addition to management.”

They’ve really got the workforce with them, don’t they?

“All the staff from the Sheffield Office were asked to leave work by the fire exit on the night of a client party. Presumably they didn’t want the clients seeing their solicitors with holes in their shoes and miserable faces.”

It’s perverse how some jumped up “professionals” can develop and maintain a Victorian workhouse like attitude to the people who actually do the work.

“Wall to wall tossers. Even Brutus would wear a stab proof vest. Some of the senior associates manage to be on their knees for a partner while simultaneously shitting on juniors.”

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

The sad thing is, much of the criticisms are probably true. Check out the firms involved in these quotes, and see some more crackers, here.