Weather forecaster

It has been an exceptionally mild winter this year in Israel. We have had one week of bad weather with heavy rain, and that is about it. Each morning, on the way out the house, I could do the sensible thing and check the weather on my phone, to see if I should be taking a jacket. However, I don’t need to because there is another weather forecaster, waiting for me, outside our front door.

We get the Jerusalem Post delivered every morning (except Shabbat, when there isn’t one) and one look at the paper – I don’t even need to touch it – provides the forecast.

If it’s like this, there is no need to worry.


But, if it’s like this, there is a risk of rain.

JP: "How do you like my rain jacket?"

JP: “How do you like my rain jacket?”

There you have it: the newspaper with its very own rain jacket doubles up as my weather forecaster!