The Gods of Guilt – Michael Connelly

Micky Haller (the Lincoln Lawyer) is back in action. This book opens with a courtroom confrontation that displays the lengths to which the defense lawyer will go to, for his client. Some may find those lengths unattractive. He certainly sails close to the wind. Without spoiling the plot, let’s just say that Haller lives up to the suggestion that lawyers are but frustrated actors on another stage.

After that distraction, the central thread is Haller’s defense of an electronic pimp, accused of the murder of a prostitute client – a former client of Haller’s. The defense team goes to work and the story rapidly heats up, speeds up, and steams on. It’s a good Connelly tale, with twists and danger, though not one of his best. It lacks a certain something to make it top quality, but it is good.

On the plus side, the usual Haller character depth, warts and all. The plot is well constructed, and the pacing is excellent. On the minus side, we have the seemingly enforced references to Connelly’s other creation, Harry Bosch, as well as the film of Haller’s life that featured beforehand.

Good, but not great.