Six Years – Harlan Coben

Six years ago Jake Fisher saw the love of his life marry another man. And his former lover made him promise to leave the happy couple alone. For six years Fisher kept his promise. Then, Fisher sees the man’s obituary, and suddenly that promise does not seem so binding anymore.

The book is the rollercoaster story of Jake Fisher’s journey to find that woman, and his trials and tribulations along the way.

It’s classic Coben in that you get a non-stop blur of action, with the story fairly rattling along.

It’s also classic Coben in that our hero discovers things around him are not what they seem.

And finally, it’s classic Coben because it seems so familiar. The plot is familiar. The characters are familiar. The conclusion seems familiar. This is not to say it’s a bad book; it’s just not new, or fresh, and has the slightly odd whiff of recycled, old material.

So good story, good read, but Coben fans with a critical eye may well feel they have been here before.