Lost and found


This week’s regular session had a warm up game: find the venue, played by newcomers Katie and Mimi. They finally cracked it, and were welcomed by Susan and Yehuda who introduced them to the joys of Dominion.

Katie and Mimi, bolstered by Yehuda’s usual and thorough explanation, soon got into the swing of things. And even if they were not in contention, they seemed to have picked up what the game was all about. And they were having fun. An important factor, for sure.

Susan has been on a hot streak with the game, but that came to an end with Yehuda’s win. However, it was a very close thing, and certainly doesn’t look like Susan has
lost her knack. The next meetup should be interesting.

Elsewhere, Amir, Laurie, Rochelle, and I played Hansa Teutonica. This was a first time out for Amir and, amazingly, he did what he has done with other first time games, and won. That is quite an achievement. (Maybe I can claim part of the credit because I did the rules explanation for him?) Laurie was his serious challenger, but she just couldn’t generate enough points in the closing rounds. Rochelle and I were enjoying ourselves, but not in contention. However, Rochelle beat me by enough that I could claim the wooden spoon.

We finished with Amir, Susan, Laurie, and I playing 7 Wonders. It’s a different game with only four players: faster, and with a chance to see some cards again that you previously passed on.

Amir went for a military strategy, but did not have enough other points to put him in contention. Susan had a range of victory point sources, but nothing exceptional – unfortunately for her. Laurie went for the green cards and money, delivering a neat combination that almost got her the win. However, as Laurie commented, she had been passing me good (blue and purple) cards all night, and I was able to use them properly and grab the win. Just.

Great night.