Five minutes of peaceful protest

Five minutes is my guess; maybe as much as ten. That’s probably the maximum amount of time the bravest of the anti-Israel protesters would last, standing beside one of the IDF soldiers, on the receiving end of a “peaceful protest”. Well before that, most will have fled. Because these peaceful protests are – largely – a myth. On seeing the following video, I asked one of my Israeli colleagues (who had served in the IDF) if he had ever been in such a situation. His reply shook me. He told me that, literally, he had never seen a real peaceful protest. He could not remember one occasion policing a protest when someone wasn’t trying to kill him or his fellow soldiers.

So, the next time you hear some Israel hater spout off about peaceful protest, get him to book a flight to Israel, and I’ll book him a slot in the IDF lines. As I say above, I guess he or she will maybe last five minutes – ten at most.

It’s so much easier to talk about peaceful protest when you are sitting in your sofa, and not dodging the bricks and stones from the pissful protesters.

[Video from the IDF blog.]