Conspiracy of the weak

From the Elder of Ziyon:

Hezbollah claims Israel plans to destroy Al Aqsa. It’s sure taking a long time.

Hezbollah on Tuesday charged Israel with planning to demolish the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Now, where have I heard that before?

Maybe in 1929.

And in 1931, seen here.

And in 1936.

And 1991.

And in 2001.

And in 2007.

And in 2009.

And in 2010.

And in 2012.

And in 2013. Including from Abbas.

It sure takes a long time to do a simple demolition job, doesn’t it? It’s taking Israel longer to destroy it than it took people to build it!

Classic. How many in the mainstream media will report this, fully? Or even ask the right questions? Like why is it the Palestinian and Arab leadership can lie, lie, and lie again, without paying a penalty for their perfidy? But every time an Israeli spokesman pops up – and tells the truth – he’s condemned as a liar, and is reported as being labelled as such by the mainstream western media?

There are times when I wonder if there’s something in the food supply.