What is and isn’t wrong with prayer

Give yourself a treat and head over here to read a thought provoking piece by Rabbi Jeremy Rosen at the Algemeiner.

“The way most of us pray today is very different to the way it was originally intended. What goes on in most Jewish “houses of prayer” of whatever community, denomination, sect, or form is usually far from an exciting, uplifting spiritual experience.

According to Maimonides (Laws of Prayer Chapter 1:11), it remains a Torah obligation to relate to the Almighty every day and in one’s own way, regardless of what may or may not happen in a synagogue. The Hebrew “to pray” is Lehitpallel, which literally means “to express oneself.” How many people do? We tend to rely entirely on what other people have said. Yet the formal prayers we have today were initially only intended to be a menu of suggested ideas for those who could not find the words themselves.”

Shame on me for forgetting the knowledge and wisdom of the man. You may not agree with all that he says, but you’ll be the richer for reading it.