Turnabout of the week

Remember the 2010 Gaza flotilla?

Remember those “human rights activists” from IHH? Like this guy:


Well, now check this out from the Times of Israel:


Turkish media say police have carried out raids in six Turkish cities, detaining several people allegedly linked to al-Qaeda, including an employee of a prominent Islamic charity behind a flotilla that tried to bust the Gaza blockade in 2010.

The aid organization, the Humanitarian Relief Foundation, confirmed Tuesday that its storage facility near the Syrian border was searched and an employee was detained. It, however, denied any ties to al-Qaeda and denounced the police raid as an attempt to discredit the organization.

I wouldn’t call them an “aid organization” but suspect “front for terrorists” isn’t in the AP media book.

Of course, they blame Israel…

I wonder if we’ll get an apology from Turkey?