Sussex friends

At the comments section of the Guardian’s article Bethlehem Unwrapped is about ‘beautiful resistance’, not taking sides about the St James’s Church anti-Israel Cristmas stunt, I posted something like this:

“Even if the motives of those behind the wall were pure – and frankly that’s a bloody great big “if” – I cannot help wondering how much better it would have been to put the money to good use by HELPING Christians instead of BASHING Israel.”

I say something like this because I am having to rely on my memory. Why? Much to my surprise, when I look at the piece today I see this:


[If anyone can help with a captured screenshot of my comment, please shout!]

Apparently my post broke the Guardian’s community standards. I’d accumulated 10 likes when I last looked, so some people weren’t offended. Was it the bit about the motives, perhaps? Could there be a guilty conscience at the heart of the Guardian monitoring crew? At worst, you could interpret what I said as the organizers not having pure motives… Was that offensive? Bigoted? Incitement? (Accurate?)

But just so you know what it is acceptable to say, the following post remains untouched and in place:


So it’s acceptable – according to the Guardian’s community standards – to defame Israel, the IDF, Sharon, and Netanyahu, and demonize the whole lot. But to suggest money might be better spent on helping Christians instead of bashing Israel is not acceptable?

It’s got to be said again: there is something rotten at the heart of the Guardian.

Meantime, the Elder of Ziyon has pointed out the not so subtle difference between the organizer’s position:

When we have been challenged about “taking sides” and “politicising the church” – which is a fair discussion to have – we are clear that we are not “pro” one side or another but we are instead campaigning for equal human rights for all people regardless of ethnicity or background.

And the reality:

St. James Church won’t let supporters of Israel in!

So, the Church is reprising its role as a bastion of Jew hatred.

Meantime, a hearty well done to the Sussex Friends of Israel for helping expose the bigotry.