Something’s got loose

I’m just about completely browned off with much of the media (and commenters’) treatment of Sharon’s death, so as to not want to write any more about it. However, as seen at Trending Central (TC), this tweet from David Ward  – who has a wee bit of history in the field – is in a class of its own:


As Raheem Kassam of TC says:

“Why did they never teach us this at school?! The Palestinians were NOT responsible for the Holocaust! Amazing insight. Brilliant. Totally relevant. And of course somehow related to Ariel Sharon’s death.

I can’t tell if I blame the transient and truncated nature of Twitter for Ward’s inane comments, or his own warped sense of reality. The answer probably lies somewhere in between. But at least we now know, and can say categorically once and for all, thanks to Professor Ward: The Palestinians were not responsible for German expansionism and the Holocaust.”

What would a psychologist, I wonder, make of the tweet? Even on its own, it’s something spectacular in the most gross manner. I bet I know who some of David Ward’s best friends are.